The Top 5 Roku TV Streaming Devices for 2022

Roku TV Streaming Devices:

Roku TV Streaming Devices: Roku Ultra is the best overall.

Roku TV Streaming Devices: A streaming gadget with a brand like Roku Ultra would expect to be robust and feature-rich. You receive just that from this. The components in this spherical square push 4K HDR video from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other sources. A glut of 720p and 1080p content is also readily available, scattered among tens of thousands of downloadable apps. Many of them have been upscaled to look their best on 4K TVs.

The Roku Ultra has a quad-core processor for performance and quick dual-band Wi-Fi AC radios featuring 2×2 MIMO for higher throughput. It also has an ethernet interface, microSD, and USB ports for playing external media. Sadly, like many Roku products, video apps don’t support HDR10+. And Dolby Vision, although Dolby Atmos does.

Roku TV Streaming Devices:

The new remote and Roku’s conventional TV interface, which is straightforward and easy to use, are both included with the Ultra. The latter offers a 3.5mm socket for private listening, which is ideal for the complimentary JBL headphones Roku provides. Voice commands support through Alexa or Google Assistant devices. A remote finding feature, two more programmable buttons, and support for voice commands.

Roku TV Streaming Devices: cheapest: Roku Express

Roku TV Streaming Devices:

The Roku Express seems to tiniest and least-priced model available in the Roku series, being less than a bar of soap in size and costing roughly $30. The single-band Wi-Fi N radio is a little antiquated, and the content is limited to standard 1080p. But it generally offers everything you’ve come to love about Roku. It is also the least expensive streaming stick with Dolby Atmos capabilities that you can get.

You’ll never run out of entertainment with the Channel Store’s over 1,000 apps, and utilizing the Roku iOS app or Android makes everything easy to find. It enables voice searches for movies and television programs based on the director, actor, or title.

If you wish to watch anything that Roku doesn’t have. You can cast multimedia to the TV using the app’s private hearing option while everyone is asleep at home. 4K TV enthusiasts need not apply; for everybody else, the Roku Express will do.

Roku TV Streaming Devices: Roku Streaming Stick+ is the best for travel.

Roku TV Streaming Devices:

Want to keep your TV stand free of any more set-top boxes? Purchase a Roku Streaming Stick+. Because of its small size, you can easily plug it into the back or side of your TV to keep it out of the way and hide most of the cords. It can power with a wall adapter or any accessible USB port. But if your television has MHL support, you can completely forgo external power. The Roku Streaming Stick+ is the ideal size for hotel rooms when you’re on the road.

For its average price, the Roku Streaming Stick+ is well-balanced. It offers 4K HDR streaming. While HDR10+ and Dolby Vision aren’t supported, HDR10 and HLG are fully supported and still produce stunning visuals.

The Streaming Stick+, in contrast to the 1080p version, includes a voice control that enables you to search for new content to watch. And use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa devices. If alternatives like the Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick don’t impress. Roku is a terrific option because it offers the most apps and one of the simplest user interfaces.

Roku TV Streaming Devices: TCL’s 55-inch 6 Series 55R625 is the best Roku TV.

Series 55R625

Would you rather not bother with boxes and dongles? Many high-quality TVs support the Roku smart TV platform. But none, in our opinion, is more affordable than the TCL R625. The TCL R625, a straight replacement for the year’s hottest affordable 4K set, makes a quantum leap with QLED.

Because there is far less color mixing with this method, the color gamut and accuracy are both improving. Although QLED is the first LCD technology to challenge OLED. It is not nearly OLED. The TCL R625 successfully implements the technology at the lowest price point on the market.

You’ll also see that since Roku’s streaming sticks only support HDR10 and HLG, this is the only method to enjoy Dolby Vision’s upgrades on Roku. Roku sells a set of wireless speakers designed exclusively for TVs like these. You can even add a wireless subwoofer as an option. But those improvements by themselves will cost you upwards of $300. The TCL R625 comes in 55-inch. 65-inch sizes are where you should start if you’re seeking to buy your first 4K or smart TV and you adore Roku.

Roku TV Streaming Devices: Roku Smart Soundbar is the best for audio.

Smart Soundbar

The Smart Soundbar may be the most exciting device Roku has ever introduced. With four 2.5-inch drivers and a full-sized mountable soundbar, Roku easily outperforms the built-in speakers on most TVs. Although it costs more than a standard Roku player. Keep in mind that this all-in-one gives you a smart streaming experience and far better sound quality.

Unfortunately, Roku does not support Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision, which is surprising given that all of its most recent streaming sticks & boxes do. However, there are a ton of many other causes the Smart Soundbar deserves your attention.

It features Bluetooth 4.2 for playing music from your smartphone, up to 4K HDR10 support, and numerous sound settings that can enhance bass response. Or speech clarity, and a voice remote for communicating with voice assistants, finding new content, and managing your home.

You also have HDMI ARC, which enables you to control all associated ARC equipment with one remote. And lets the TV relay any audio playing directly to the amplifier over a single connection. For an even more interactive experience. You can combine the Roku Smart Soundbar together with one of the company’s wireless subwoofers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Roku TV Streaming Devices: Which Roku is the strongest?

Earbuds and faster Wi-Fi

The most powerful dual-band Wi-Fi of the bunch is found on Roku’s opulent Ultra, which also features an Ethernet port in case wired connections are required. It supports HDR10+, which we observed was missing from its predecessor, and it can stream in Dolby Vision.

What distinguishes Roku Ultra from Roku Ultra 2022?

The top-of-the-line Roku Ultra video streamer hasn’t been changed by Roku for 2022, but for the same $99.99 as the previous model, you now get a Voice Remote Pro. That is a huge improvement since the remote (formerly a $30 extra) now has a convenient headphone jack and hands-free voice control.

Is Roku Stick superior to Roku Express?

The maximum resolution for the Roku Express and the Roku Streaming Stick is 1080p. In terms of streaming performance, we haven’t really noticed much of a difference between the two. But the most potent gadget is the Roku Streaming Stick.

Are there multiple Roku levels?

While the Roku Premiere+, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streaming Stick+, and Roku Ultra all support voice control, the Roku Express, Roku Express+, and Roku Premiere do not. Beyond only providing voice control, the Roku Ultra also has a feature called gaming controls.

How can I get a new Roku to replace my old one?

I had to activate my new Roku 3 during the setup procedure. Go to and enter the code that appears on your TV screen to accomplish that. You only need to log into your current account after that. The channels that are currently part of your account will now start receiving updates on your new Roku.

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