The 6 Best Under $500 TVs for 2022

Televisions under $500:

Televisions under $500: Sticking to your internet bill doesn’t require you to give up fantastic features when purchasing a TV for under $500. TCL and Hisense have established themselves as reliable alternatives for anyone searching for a less expensive TV, but larger manufacturers like Samsung have also started to provide less expensive solutions to customers who value customer loyalty or simply look for familiar brands for their devices. Because smart TVs with 4K resolution are now considered industry standards, it’s inexpensive to get a Wi-Fi connection and excellent picture quality. Some versions include voice-activated remote controllers for hands-free operation, while others employ external smart speakers to interact with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Televisions under $500: Console players can purchase a cheap TV with an automatic game mode to aid in creating a fluid and immersive gaming experience, while audiophiles can put up sound bars and speakers for surround sound using Bluetooth wireless connectivity or HDMI ARC capability. Even some of the more affordable solutions allow you to share content from your mobile devices, including music, films, and images, giving you more opportunities to amuse your loved ones. See which of our top recommendations is best for you by looking at the list below.

Televisions under $500: The TCL 50S425 50-inch 4K Smart LED TV is the best overall.


Televisions under $500: There are many factors to consider while choosing the ideal TV, including quality, size, and possibly the most crucial one, pricing. Fortunately, the TCL 4K Roku TV fulfills all requirements.

You may watch movies and television in stunning quality with the help of 4K Ultra HD, large speed range (HDR), or direct-lit LED. Additionally, the integrated Roku provides users with access to over 500,000 TV shows and movies. Additionally, you may plug in your gadgets, memory sticks, headphones, and other accessories with different inputs to watch how you like.

With the TCL, the options are virtually limitless. You can operate the set from any phone by downloading the mobile Roku app, and any new Roku apps you add rapidly upload. This even comes with a simple controller.

You’ll be able to discover the ideal fit at a cost that won’t break the bank because they come in a variety of sizes.

Televisions under $500: The Samsung UN55TU8200 55-inch 4K TV is the best for streaming.

The Insignia

Televisions under $500: For home entertainment, smart TVs have become the standard, and the Samsung TU8000 55-inch model offers some of the greatest streaming choices on the market. It runs on Samsung’s brand-new Tizen operating system and comes packed with popular apps like Netflix, Apple TV+, Hulu, & Disney+ so you can start viewing your preferred TV episodes and movies right away. Additionally, it includes the Samsung TV app, which enables you to enjoy live sports, news, cooking shows, and home improvement show without a broadband or satellite connection. For dependably stunning images, the upgraded Crystal 4K processor leverages artificial intelligence to upscale non-4K content more effectively. You get an edge-to-edge image that provides a more immersive watching experience thanks to the screen’s almost nonexistent bezel.

For the hands-free operation of your new tv without the need for a smart speaker, the vocal style controller has Samsung Bixby and Alexa built-in. It is also compatible with the Assistant. The voice-enabled remote can be used to operate Blu-ray and DVD players, gaming consoles, as well as other playback devices if the TU8000 is connected to the SmartThings hub. You may screen mirror your tablet or smartphone for extra ways to watch videos thanks to AirPlay2 and Miracast support. To keep the home theater or multimedia center appearing tidy and organized, the TV’s back incorporates integrated cable channels and clips.

Televisions under $500: The Insignia NS-24DF311SE21 24-Inch Fire TV is the best small screen.

The Insignia

The Insignia 24-inch Fire TV is a terrific option if you’re looking for a smaller TV to place in your bedroom, kid’s playroom, or even your RV. This small-screen TV is simple to install on the wall or tuck away on a dresser, giving you a ton of positioning possibilities and freeing up floor space. For the hands-free operation of your new TV and connected devices, you’ll have access to built-in Alexa voice commands in addition to the Fire TV platform. Even Alexa Skills may be downloaded to make your TV a true entertainment center.

When streaming TV or music, the dual 2.5-watt speakers’ DTS TruSurround technology gives you crisp, clear sounds. Those who still watch over-the-air, cable, or cable broadcast TV will love the screen’s excellent 720p resolution. A headphone jack enables private listening when you do not want to disturb others, and the TV offers many inputs for connecting DVD players, home audio equipment, and game consoles. If you have kids, you may block problematic channels and apps with inbuilt parental controls to prevent your little one from using them.

TCL 32S325 32-inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV, best value

Televisions under $500:

Check out the 32-inch TCL 32S325 model if you’re buying a new TV on a low budget. Even the most frugal shoppers may afford this TV because it has a price point of $150. This TCL model, like the others on our list, is based on the Roku streaming platform, making it simple to access your favorite music, TV episodes, and movie apps. You get excellent 1080p full HD quality and contrast for a ton of detail and color saturation from the direct-lit LED panel.

For enhanced, hands-free speech controls, you can link your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa devices. Three HDMI ports, a USB connector, RF, and composite video connections on this TV make it simple and easy to attach to all of your media players, gaming consoles, and audio equipment. Additionally, a headphone jack is included for quiet listening without disturbing others.

Televisions under $500: TCL 50S525 50-Inch QLED Roku TV, best for gaming

Televisions under $500:

Console players are aware that the TV they choose can either enhance or detract from their gaming experience. Gamers were considered in the design of the TCL 50-inch Roku TV to create deep, inky blacks for improved contrast and to truly bring the over 1 billion colors to life, it employs a QLED screen with 80 unique contrast zones. You’ll get fantastic detailing and a TV that can play the newest games with native 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR support. It makes advantage of the Roku platform to provide you with a simplified hub menu that makes it simple to access all of your consoles, streaming apps, and playback devices.

You can also use your smartphone as a speech-activated remote by using the Roku app, or you can connect your TV to an Amazon Echo or Google Home voice assistant for more voice commands. In order to give you smooth action and almost lag-free gaming. A dedicated game mode detects when your console is turned on and optimizes frame rate, picture, and audio settings, including input response times. An extremely slim bezel on the screen gives you an edge-to-edge image that provides a more immersive viewing experience. With four HDMI connections, you can hook up every console at once to the TV and keep the cords neatly arranged with the inbuilt wiring channels to create a tidy, organized gaming or media setup.

Televisions under $500: Sony X800H 43-Inch 4K UHD TV wins for the best image.

Televisions under $500:

The Sony X800H proves that choosing a less expensive TV doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice picture quality. It gives you superb 4K quality and upscales 2K or 1080p images for clearer visuals with an improved processor. A variety of proprietary algorithms, including Sony’s Triluminos display, Motionflow XR, and a dynamic contrast enhancer. Additionally, it functions without the need for additional setup with Dolby Vision HDR for improved detailing. Dolby Atmos for simulated surround sound. It is powered by the AndroidTV platform, allowing you to download many entertainment apps and use voice controls with your new TV. It also gives you access to the Play store.

For more voice capabilities, it integrates with Alexa & Apple HomeKit. You could share videos, photographs, & music on your smartphone or tablet with friends or the world using Chromecast and AirPlay 2, giving you more options to stay up to date on your favorite performers and shows. This TV has special gameplay that is tailored for the PlayStation 5. It is providing you much smoother, more lifelike gaming experience if you’ve got to get your hands on one.

Final Conclusion

One of the greatest affordable TVs on the market is the TCL 50S425. You have access to voice commands as well as thousands of streaming services through the Roku platform and mobile app. Additionally, this model offers excellent 4K quality at a reasonable cost. For anyone who has switched entirely to streaming, the Samsung TU8000 is the ideal inexpensive TV. The upgraded engine employs artificial intelligence to upscale non-4K material. While the SamsungTV+ app offers free live TV in addition to a number of preloaded apps.

What to Look for in a $500 or Less TV

One of the most crucial elements in determining visual quality is a display’s resolution. The density of pixels determines how crisp or clear a picture appears. Reflects the total number of pixels that a television or monitor is capable of displaying at once. For example, an FHD/1080p display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, or 2,073,600 total pixels, whereas a 4K set can, as the name implies, display four times as many.


In addition to a wide variety of colors and contrast, a TV with a high dynamic range may be able to display images with more color accuracy as well as darker blacks and brighter highlights, which will result in a more vibrant and realistic image. The majority of mid-range TVs offer HDR, although it’s important to confirm, particularly with less-priced models.

Freshness Rate

The amount of frames per second that a gadget can show depends on its refresh rate. The more frames a scene has, the smoother and more fluid the action and motion appear to be. Although mostly relevant to gaming, a higher frame rate is advantageous for anyone watching motion-packed media, such as sports or action movies.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for TVs Under $500

Finding a good television with a reasonable balance of picture quality, screen size, and modern amenities might be challenging if your budget is less than $500. Fortunately, most prominent brands, including TCL, LG, and Sony, have a selection of models that are affordable for buyers wishing to either enhance. Their existing home theater setup or buy their first smart TV.

For streaming high-definition content or using a UHD DVD player, less expensive televisions can still offer 4K resolution options. They can also be compatible with voice assistants like the Amazon Echo or Google Home for palms voice activation and connection with smart home networks.

For a personalized audio configuration, some offer Bluetooth connectivity for display mirroring your tablet. Smartphone or for wirelessly syncing external soundbars, speakers, and subwoofers. There are even affordable models with dedicated game settings that improve color and contrast while reducing input latency. To help you decide which TV best suits your needs, we’ll break down a few key variables to take into account when shopping for a TV under $500 in this buying guide.

Televisions under $500:

Smart Elements

Although less advanced smart features are available on cheaper televisions than on more costly models, you can still choose a high-quality model. TCL offers a number of Roku-compatible TV models that let you download apps directly to the TV and stream your preferred TV shows. Movies without the use of any additional devices.

For simpler searching and browsing, you may use the Roku app to transform your smartphone or tablet into a voice-activated controller. For high-quality streaming right out of the box. Insignia employs the Amazon Fire TV platform and comes pre-loaded with a number of apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video.

Alexa is a built-in feature of Insignia televisions that enables hands-free voice controls without the need for an Amazon Echo or other smart speaker. Samsung televisions utilize their own special virtual assistant, Bixby. But they are also Alexa and Google Assistant compatible for users who prefer those services. You can use Siri to issue voice instructions thanks to the interoperability of some additional brands with Apple Homekit, including LG and Sony.

Display Resolution

Finding affordable televisions that support 4K resolution is getting easier as it becomes more widely available. If you choose, you may still get a full 1080p HD model. But to keep up with the latest trends in video streaming given the popularity of 4K material, you’ll want a model with UHD capability. An image with a middling quality is produced by an ancient technology—a full HD 1080p resolution television. When HD video initially became accessible, this became very popular.

Since 4K resolution televisions have four times as many pixels as 1080p televisions. The detail and realism of the image are improved. The distinction between 4K and 1080p is obvious. So once you do, you should choose.

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