How to Fix iPhone Not Receiving Text Notifications

Text Massage

There are 12 ways to fix your phone’s sound and Text Massage alarms.

Text Notifications

Text Massage is a basic feature of every smart device.If you are observing that you’re not getting text notifications on your iPhone, you can generally fix the issue by changing your settings, restarting the Messages app, rebooting your phone, and ensuring sure all of your software is current.

Are you previously encountering a circumstance when your iPhone is failing to notify you of a text message? If so, you are not alone, as it turns out. There are many users out there that often run into issues like this.

It’s possible that both hardware and software are to blame. You may have unintentionally turned off your device’s text message alerts, or there may be an iOS firmware fault to blame. We may be able to fix whatever is causing this bothersome problem.

What Prevents iPhone Users from Receiving Text Massage Notifications?

On an iPhone, Text Massage notifications may cease functioning in one of several ways:

  • You observe texts that were sent without an alert sound
  • The lock screen does not display fresh iMessage or SMS message notifications.
  • When messages arrive, there is no red dot on the Messages app.

You might not receive Text Massage notifications on your iPhone for a variety of reasons. If you aren’t getting any text messages but you know others have sent them to you, there may be a connectivity issue. In such a scenario, ensure that MMS and SMS configuring properly and that your phone looks good to both Wi-Fi and cellular data. Here are the most frequent reasons why you might be receiving SMS but not notifications:

  • Misconfigured notification settings
  • Incorrect volume settings
  • Software bug

How to Fix iPhone Not Receiving Text Message Notifications

Something is stopping you from receiving text alerts if you occasionally pick up your iPhone and discover texts that weren’t accompanied by a notification sound, vibration, or any other type of notice. Try these changes to resolve the issue and resume receiving notifications.

  1. Verify your notification preferences. You won’t get message notifications if your notification configuration is incorrect.

Make sure the Allow Notifications toggle is switched on by opening Settings > Notifications > Messages. the Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners checkboxes must all be selected.

2. Your notification sound can be set or modified. You might not hear the notification sound if it is turned off or set to a level of quietness you don’t notice.

Select a message tone that you believe you’ll notice in the future by going to Settings > Sound & Haptics > Text Tone.

NOTE: Your iPhone will play a preview of a sound when you tap it in the list of alert tones.

3 . Message contacts can be unmuted. You can mute conversations using the Messages application. You may find that you don’t get messages from someone when you expect to if you accidentally or unintentionally silenced them.

Locate any discussion that has a crossed-out bell icon next to it in the Messages app. To unmute that individual, swipe left on the conversation and hit the bell icon that appears.

4. Verify that the contact is not blocked. iOS gives you the option to blacklist contacts in addition to muting talks. You won’t get texts or notifications from that contact if you did it by mistake or forgot to do it.

Check to see whether someone was unintentionally added to the list by going to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts. If so, tap Unblock by swiping left on the contact’s name.

5. Verify that neither silent mode nor do not disturb are active on your phone. You won’t get text message alerts if you unintentionally activate that setting. Pushing the switch above the volume buttons will turn off quiet mode, and the following procedure will turn off do not disturb mode:

To change the focus setting, open the Control Center and tap any option other than do not disturb.

NOTE: To deactivate it and start another attention mode, touch does not disturb under the focus choices.

6. Force shut down the Messages app. When text messages are received, the Messages app may not deliver an alert if it isn’t functioning properly. The majority of the time, you can resolve this by forcing the app to close and then reopening it.

  • Swipe halfway up on an iPhone X or later to activate multitasking, then swipe up on Messages to end it.
  • Double-press the Home button on an iPhone 8, 7, or SE, then slide up to access Messages.
  • Older iPhones: press and hold Messages, tap the red badge, and then double-press the Home button.

7. Switch off your phone. In other cases, the problem might not be with the Messages app, but rather with iOS. Restarting the iPhone usually resolves the issue when that occurs.

  • iPhone X or newer: simultaneously press and hold the volume down button and the side button.
  • Older iPhones: hold down the Sleep/Wake button while waiting for the power off slider to display, then release the button.

8. Connect Bluetooth devices no longer.

Text notifications may go to a Bluetooth device you associate with your iPhone rather than the speaker on the phone. To make sure it isn’t linked, unpair the device, turn off the Bluetooth device, or open the Control Center and tap Bluetooth. Next, determine if you have SMS notifications enabled on your phone.

9. Verify the text tones you’ve set. You can assign unique rings and text tones to each of your contacts on your iPhone. You won’t hear a sound when that individual texts you if you unintentionally set it to none.

Tap the name of the contact under Contacts whose notifications you aren’t getting. Any alternative to None under Text Tone should choose. Tap Done after selecting a tone.

10. Activate Notify Me. Because you were getting too many alerts, you may mute one or more chats in the Messages app. However, now you aren’t getting any crucial notifications. If you enable Notify Me, even if the discussion is mute, you will receive a notification whenever someone mentions you in a message.

Make sure the Notify Me to toggle enabling under Settings > Text Massage.

11. Deactivate message forwarding. On your other Apple devices do you get text notifications, but not on your phone? See whether disabling Message Forwarding will allow your phone to display warnings once more.

Disable the toggles for each of your linked devices under Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding.

12. Check your iPhone for updates. Try installing any updates that are available for your iPhone.

If you have an Apple Watch, make sure to update it as well. If one update and the other is not, notifications may appear on the Apple Watch but not on your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

On an iPhone, how can I turn off Text Massage notifications?

  • Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages and deactivate the Allow Notifications slider to muffle iPhone text notifications. Additionally, you have a choice of banner type, sound, and position for message notifications.

How to disable Silent Switch?

  • You should check to see if the silence switch on your iPhone has been activated as one of your initial tasks. If so, make sure to move the switch to the off position to prevent the orange backdrop from appearing. Check to see if the iPhone produces a notification sound once more once you’re finished.

How to Turn off Focus Mode

Imposed . as a result, is a fantastic addition to iOS that gives you the ability to ignore notifications and activate alerts from specific apps and persons. It’s possible that you unintentionally turned on Focus mode if your iPhone doesn’t play a notification sound.

Go to Settings > Focus in the Settings app on your iPhone to disable Focus mode. One more thing: Focus mode now includes Do Not Disturb, which enables you to mute calls and notifications even while your device lock. You should thus double-check that setting.

What is the way of Turning off Text Message Forwarding?

With the help of Text Message Forwarding, you may receive text messages on any Mac or iPad without the need for an iPhone nearby. On the other hand, it might stop texts from appearing on the iPhone. To disable it, just go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding.

Why don’t some text messages on my iPhone trigger an alert?

You’ve surely arrived at the right page if your iPhone doesn’t notify you of notifications or if the text tone doesn’t function properly. Here are some potential fixes to assist you to resolve the iPhone not alerting me of text messages issue so that you don’t miss any SMS messages. Head over to the check-up.

  1. Verify the sound effect for text messages.
  2. Examine the Contacts’ Custom Settings
  3. Review Notifications Preferences
  4. Disable iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature.
  5. Take Down the Moon Next to Messages
  6. Turn Bluetooth off on an iPhone.
  7. If iMessage notifications are not functioning

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